Friday, December 18, 2009


There will be a "hcr" bill. There is NO DOUBT about it. It does not matter whether or not it is a piece of shit (which it will be), or that it helps the insurance industry FAR more that it will be of any assistance to anybody truly NEEDING it (which it does), or if it betrays the hopes and aspirations of the myraid Obaman-aid drinkers (which it will).

The Obamanable Sno-Job MUST have a bill to sign, and the Dims all know it. He cannot have spent this amount of time and this amount of political capital, and this amount of prestige, and come away with nothing.

So, they also know he'll sign ANYFUCKINTHING as long as it is so dense and complicated that it will be hard to deny that ANYTHING is in it.

If Obmanable DOESN'T have a bill to sign BEFORE the SOTU--where it would be the centerpiece of the torrents of self-congratulatory adulation he will heap on himself and the Dims--he will begin the first week of the second year of his only term as a lame-duck--which would be some kind of record. But it won't happen, he'll have his bill.

That's because the Owners need him to administer the coup de gras to Social Security and the last vestiges of the New Deal, so they can't let him become irrelevant yet. He has more chores to do. A bright, young man, I'm sure he'll do them very well...

This plain recitation of the obvious seriously aggrieved a correspondent on Facebook last evening. Quoth "Laura":
If he had been able to get the ball rolling without the obstructionist party of NO we could of had something, a done deal by now. So they will be happy, after all THEY stupid asshat GOP still have THEIR gov. health care. Don't blame it on Obama put the blame on the Party of NO! And woody, I think you are the Lame duck here, just sayin'....
then there was this gem, on another thread:
If Obama has misjudged anything, it's that those on capitol hill are there to do the Peoples Work. Instead it's all for the Fame, glory and money. The majority are Not there to Serve the people, but to become superior over them for heir own personal gains.
To the first post, from Laura, I replied as gently as I knew how under the circumstances:
... that is just about the dumbest post I've read here today...not the dumbest I've ever read, of course...not even in the top 10...but for today it qualifies. If he hadn't been opposed by the GOPukes (everything would have been fine)? What color is the sky where you live, dahlin? What did you think they were gonna do, say, OMG the Dems were right, and we were wrong, and now we're gonna repent and get all pink fuzzies?
To the second, it is only possible to respond:
"If, after four years in the "greatest deliberative body in the world," Obamanable Sno-Job hadn't figured the exact and precise calaculus of greed, pride, and power it would entail to govern, I would seriously question his competence for the job you have entrusted to him."
It is for these obvious reasons that it is not only the "right" I mistrust with the power of the plebiscite...

Then I'd like to revisit this issue: Since the onset of the Raygun era, please name ONE major piece of social legislation which passed Congress under the caveat/promise that Congress would return to it, and "improve" it, but which just HAD to be passed in the shitty condition in which it was passed and signed, to which the Congress then later returned to "improve" it for the people?

One which SHOULD have been revisited and which at the time the Dims said they WOULD revisit, when they had the Congress back--but which wasn't, afaik--was the Bankruptcy Bill of '06, with which the Obamanable Sno-Job played all tricksy with his votes...

It seems to me that it is impingent upon folks who counsel quietude in the face of this catastrophic clusterfuck because this is only the first step, and it will be revisited and improved, to provide relevant, contemporary examples of cases in which a truly shitty bill, being passed and signed, was later revisited and "imporved--made more fair, more just--since the Bidness coup de etat in '80.

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