Thursday, December 03, 2009

They're Gonna Fuck Us!

The 'debate' on aligning the two 'health-care reform" proposals in Congress opens today ...

What is ultimately the shape of the result has already been decided. There is no ambiguity in Congress, though they maintain the pretense that the debate is 'real.' They have to, to keep the rubes, proles, and drones happy.

They're just going through the kabuki now, the formalized distractions designed to make us believe that some real soul-searching is somehow informing their so-called 'deliberations.'

It's utter, total complete, unremitting, conscious bullshit.

The deal is done and--surprise, surprise--you and I, and your wife and kids, and their eventual wives, husbands and kids are gonna get FUCKED!

You have been fucked from the moment the process began. There never was any way you were not gonna get fucked by this.


The Party of Property and Privilege runs things. You don't vote on them. And they're gonna fuck you, laughing.

Remember ENRON? Yeah, just like that...

1 comment:

One Fly said...

Yes but of course they are. Long and hard too.

If only America would listen to us!!