Monday, December 14, 2009

"Your Money Or Your Life": CorpoRat Culture Is The Well-Spring Of Murkin Sociopathy

Corporations act solely in the interest of increasing profit. Nothing else matters. That’s the very definition of sociopathy.

Any capitalist system ruled by corporations will, therefore, by definition qualify as sociopathic.

Harvard's Umair Haque has written about this. Haque points out that most of the businesses of Capitalism 1.0 are evil, and evil is unsustainable as a business model.

What is "evil?" How about charging people money to save their lives, or protect their health? How about "offering" credit for such charges, but charging usurious rates of interest on the 'loan?' How about enlisting the fucking Government in your scheme as co-conspirator through the purchase of legislation which actually ENCOURAGES duch outrages?

"Health Insurance" is fundamentally evil because it’s a form of extortion, and as we all know, extortion payments keep getting bigger and bigger over time until the victim can’t pay anymore. That’s what’s happened with the health care system in America. “Your money or your life,” and since you have to fork over the money, the amounts just keep getting larger. Forever. Without end. So of course health care costs have exploded. What else did you expect? It’s an evil business model, “your money or your life,” and all evil business models are unsustainable in the long run.

Slavery was unsustainable, mercantilism was unsustainable, colonialism was unsustainable, rapine and pillage were unsustainable (that was the Vikings’ business model), and now the basic mechanisms of the American capitalist 1.0 economy are unsustainable-—scams, Ponzi schemes, extortion rackets, and monopolies.

When your basic business model is evil, sociopaths obviously rise to the top.

D’oh! as Homer Simpson would say.

Most of America’s basic business models are now evil—they no longer depend on producing things of value that people want, but, like Microsoft, on forcing customers to buy shit (Vista, Windows 7) because they’re locked into a monopoly; or, like insurance companies, taking peoples’ money and then scamming them out of their promised health care. Or, like the financial “industry,” taking peoples’ money outright and stealing it.

Those aren’t business models. That’s theft and lies and scams. In the long run, it doesn’t produce a working economy.

But of course, in the long run, aas the Chimp memorably noted once, "we're all gonna be dead." So, no harm, no foul, I guess?

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This is fascinating.
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