Saturday, December 19, 2009

Obama/Holder DoJ Will Continue Rove's Persuckution of Don Siegalman

More hopery-changery afoot.

I was terribly impressed with how swiftly the Dim Changer regime overturned the unjust prosecution and conviction of long-time Alaskan OP bag-man Ted "We were just borrowing it" Stevens. So I waited for the announcement that they were pursuing a similar vindication for former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman, whose politically-inspired prosecution was and is deemed by all those familiar with it as a far greater travesty than what befell that old thief Stevens.

And waited.

And waited.

So you can imagine how I reacted when I read today, via Mark Crispin Miller, that the Obamanable Sno-Job and his pet, murdering-para-military apologist, Eric "Chiquita" Holder had decided NOT to drop the case against Siegalman, in the face of a vast record of prosecutorial misconduct, corruption, collusion and co-optation, but instead to actually continue, with expanded vigor.

No. Really!
Siegelman says he believes that the Administration appears to be sitting on its hands with regards to reviewing his case and other Demcorats who were politically targeted by the Bush Administration.

"I think Holder's well aware of my case and other cases so there's been a decision made not to do anything for what reason I don't know but it's pretty clear they've made a decision not to do anything."

If the opinion stands, Siegelman says it will give prosecutors way too much discretion to pick, choose and charge defendants and get a prosecution in cases of legal campaign contributions.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court is expected decide December 15, 2009 whether it will hear Siegleman's case.
I am no naif. I never really expected Obamanable Sno-Job to actually be an improvement upon Bush, except in vocabulary and syntax. But shit like this REALLY, REALLY pisses me off.

And, I'd like to add, in the spirit of ragging on the apparently STILL Bushevik DoJ: When the fuck are you gonna replace the left-over bushevik US Attys? These guys/gals all demonstrated their loyalty to Bush in '06, during the Rove/Fredo purges...

So why are there any still holding office on the Obmanable Sno-Job's DoJ?


Liberality said...

I wasn't very hopeful of Obama doing much at all. That is, I didn't get the case of hope until the inauguration. It was then that I was infected with the hope virus I am ashamed to say. But don't worry, that Obama is working hard to rid me of any hope at all--in him or any part of the government!

One Fly said...

ain't it the truth both of you-sheez!

Anonymous said...