Sunday, January 07, 2007

Fred Kagan: The Face Of The New Heroic Class

Gaze upon this countenance, ye cowards and goldbricks, ye enemies of freedon and democracy, and feel fear; and wonder at the strength and character of this strongest and ablest warrior for the firthcoming "surge" in Iraq. Tis the Face Of VICTORY!!!

Hark! The Hero Speaks:
  • Victory is still an option in Iraq. America, a country of 300 million people with a GDP of $12 trillion, and more than 1 million soldiers and marines can regain control of Iraq, a state the size of California with a population of 25 million and a GDP under $100 billion.

Victory in Iraq is vital to America’s security. Defeat will lead to regional conflict, humanitarian catastrophe, and increased global terrorism.

Iraq has reached a critical point. The strategy of relying on a political process to eliminate the insurgency has failed. Rising sectarian violence threatens to break America’s will to fight. This violence will destroy the Iraqi government, armed forces, and people if it is not rapidly controlled.

Victory in Iraq is still possible at an acceptable level of effort. We must adopt a new approach to the war and implement it quickly and decisively.

Such new approach, needless to say, does NOT require Mr. Kagan actually to engage in the more odious rigors of war, himself. Who knew?


Sparkle Plenty said...

I try not to judge books by their covers, but in the context of escalation advocacy that's a face that can't be taken seriously.
-- cs, art is bread

Interrobang said...

What's with these Republicans and their lack of neck? Do you have to throw it out when you register to vote, or what?