Sunday, November 18, 2007

Catholic Bishops' Indifference To Bush Cabal War Crimes Casts Doubt On Church Calls To "Revere" Life

Did the "faith-based" Bush regime trade the appointment of two Roman Catholic SCROTUS Justices--Chief Roberts, and Ass. Scalito--and their tacit yet virulent hostility for Roe v. Wade, for silence and complicity from the (dare i say "pederastic"?) pulpit in soft-pedaling the gross human rights violations, torture, unlawful war, and assorted other war crimes of which the Bush/Cheney junta is indisputedly guilty?

One fellow, a certain William Hughes, over at The People's Voice dot org makes an interesting case for that interpretation.

Such a deal is worth it to the Bushes and the Bishops. To the BCF (Bush Crime family) because the Catholics are (still) the largest, wealthiest, most powerful religious sect in the country, and bringing the Bishops on board--getting them at least not to publicly DENOUNCE the regime for its crimes--is a major 'pr coup' for the Coup.

The Bishops price for this complicity likely was the recent appointment of the two proto-fascist, "pro-life," Opus Dei mackerel-snappers to the Highest Court, where they will invariably vote to uphold the rights of the fetus, an important constituency for the Bishiops, because each one represents another 'soul' to be harvested for the greater glory of their blood-thirsty, greedy, selfish, murderous God. Not incidentally, it also preserves one of the Bishops' most formidable weapons against the uncontrollable lusts of women, as well. Win-Win-Win!

William Hughes tells his version of the story, with footnotes, even. The money grafs (imho):

The truth is that the Bishops are pro-fetus and not really pro-life! If they were truly pro-life, they would have been against this illegal and immoral war in Iraq from the very beginning--in the streets--from the pulpits. But, they weren’t. They have documents stating that they opposed the war, but that didn’t translate into a genuine opposition from the top down to the laity, like it does on the abortion issue. Besides, the Bishops have been in bed--politically--with the Bush-Cheney Gang. I suspect, but I can’t prove, that they made a deal with the White House to get two pro-fetus jurists on the U.S. Supreme Court. (4) As part of that unholy bargain, the Bishops have, in effect, looked the other way, while the Bush-Cheney Gang is driving our Republic into an early grave.

Here is just one example of how flawed the Bishops’ thinking is. They’ve instructed the Catholic laity not to vote for anyone who supports abortion rights! (1) So, in 2008, you could have V.P. Dick Cheney, who opposes abortion, running for president on a Republican ticket. And, let’s just say by way of a hypothetical, that his opponent is someone in the mold of a Thomas Jefferson, who is pro-choice. The Catholic would be required to vote for Cheney--a warmonger and pro-waterboarder! (2) Now, how is that good for America? I submit that this latest manifesto from the Bishops is another nail in America’s coffin. They should have condemned the Bush-Cheney Gang for their outrageous abuses of power and directed the laity to let their conscience be their guide on election day. I’m afraid that Catholics who love this country, will wake up one day and see how the Bishops have lead them astray. By then, however, it may be too late to do anything about it.
Just so. The Church in the USA has long been a lackey to big money and power. It is utterly LOATHE to rebuke the rich and powerful among their congregants whose largesse greases so many parishional wheels. As such, it is both archetype and paradigm for the rest of the "main-stream" churches in the country.

And surely I cannot be the only person who would reasonably read the Bishops' injunction against voting for any candidate who was explicitly pro-choice as worthy of a nation-wide loss of tax preferences, can I?


i.m.small said...


Lord, bring them to the dock, and let us see
These cronies at the Hague: there has to be

Convoked tribunal of a sort, or else
Semblance of justice all be proven false.

An international court, when that supreme
In these United States--bankrupt esteem--

Has ceased to function, be established then:
We must have law rule equally all men.

Lord, in these wretched days, executives
Claim special privilege, as ergo arrives

Unto a power that is absolute:
This be revoked, so let law´s rule refute.

Convoke today tribunal in the Hague,
That justice be not thwarted, or renege

The individual man from what is his
Responsibility: I pray for this.

Woody (Tokin' Lib'rul/Rogue Scholar & O'erall Helluvafella!) said...

life is easy...
poetry is hard.