Saturday, November 17, 2007

This Makes A LOT Of Sense To Me.

Though it's probably too late to make any difference this year.
But the thought is right:
8 million tons of trees are consumed annually for catalogs alone, contributing to 25% of carbon pollution, destroying the livelihood of over a billion impoverished people around the world, etc....pass it on!
>Begin forwarded message:
>From: Catalog Choice
>Date: November 16, 2007 9:55:54 PM MST
>Subject: [Catalog Choice] Ariel Tracey Gimble has invited you to join.
>Reply-To: Ariel Tracey Gimble
>I would like you to join me on Catalog Choice.
>Catalog Choice is an easy, free service that allows you to decline unsolicited >catalogs, reducing the number of catalogs in your mailbox and the number of trees >that get sent to the paper mill.

>Join me by clicking the link below:

>Thank you.
>Ariel Tracey Gimble
I signed up. The last year my folks were alive, I lived at the old homestead and got the mail daily. Some days, this time of year, there were a couple of POUNDS of catalogues in the old tin mailbox under the cottonwood on the curve...I mean, we moved the plumbing in-doors years ago, and besides, that slick paper's no damn good for wiping your ass anyway.

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