Tuesday, November 06, 2007

In The Corporate State...:The "Top 25" Most Ignored, Overlooked, Neglected Stories of the Year

Here's the site. No surprises, lots of great links and citations, and grist for a whole mill of media/SCUM criticism. The top-most neglected, ignored, and overlooked story of last year was the revocation of Habeas Corpus.

#2: Bush prepares and Congress acquiesces to Bushevik Cabal preparations for martial law.

#3: AFRICOM: Regime moves to organize and extend USer military "influence" in resource-rich, politically desolate sub-Saharan Africa.

#4: Metastacizing "Free-Trade" Agreements, and

#5: Operation Falcon (if you gotta ask, it proves the point, innit?).

Go check out the rest. They are pretty exhaustively explained, and substantially annotated.

And abandon hope, all ye who enter here.

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