Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Fair Warning: Regime-Change-R-US--Grenada Edition

When the US 'went to war' with and invaded the tiny island nation of Grenada on the flimsiest of pretexts in October, 1983, the ruling elites of the Country gave warning that, under the direction of the proto/neo-fascist Raygun regime, "we" would overturn any traces of civilization reining in our imperial ambitions, to pursue ANY political agenda, would violate ANY international laws, would wantonly slaughter ANY peoples if it abetted the domestic political plans of the ruling classes.

Grenada was the original "wag-the-dog" exercise of our current Imperialistic regimen, designed to distract the People and (to the extent that they needed it) the Press from the disastrous, murderous, fatal blunders of the Raygunauts in Lebannon, where nearly 300 US Marines, ostensibly on a 'peace-keeping' mission to support the Israeli attempted annexation of Lebannon, died in a horrendously effective truck-bombing. This was followed a few years later by the Bush41 illegal, albeit fig-leafed, invasion and conquest of Panama to remove Noriega. With a new coat of 'multi-national- lipstick, Clinton continued the course with the bombing campaign against Serbia--during which the PRC delegation was decimated by an 'errant' bomb'-- and the overthrow of Milosovich.

In all of this, we may observe the trajectory of the decline of USer moral authority in the world, from (at least ostensible) up-holder of democratic rights and human freedom to an aggressive, bellicose, drunk bully swinging its weight in the room.

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