Monday, November 19, 2007

Diamonds or Pearls? You Gotta Be Kidding Me! Hill's a "String Of Pearls" Kinda Girl.

Diamonds are soooooo gauche. "Arriviste" Pukes, the nouveau riche, folks like Rove or Ted Stevens or Mitch McConnell or Rudy Ghouliani: they're 'diamonds' folks, all flash and glitter, no nuance.
GOP = Gauche, Ostentatious, Pretentious
Hill'd have a FANTASTIC, matched 9mm necklace, with a small diamond on the clasp. But the 'bling' would be purely pearly. She's a WHITE girl, after all.


Anonymous said...

Actually, I'm plumping for Merkin bling, since it gets to be a problem when you get into abusive regimes. See

from Ruth

Terry C - Democratic Bitch said...

Happy Thanksgiving, WGG!

bo said...

Mom just asked me if I would read a Mort Zuckerman editorial and I averred that I wouldn't, but that I would refrain from comparing his output a that of a holiday fowl.

charley said...

hillary will certainly be an irritant as president.

come to think of it, almost makes me want to vote for her.

happy t-day woody.