Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Joe Klein Has Just About Out-lived His Uselessness

Klein, as you may recall, wrote an "anonymous," snarky, back-stabbing memoir about the Clinton WhiteHouse, waiting several months before revealing his authorship, thus assuring his spot in the pantheon of true journalistic asswipes, dickheads, fucknozzles and shitwhistles. He's already a fucking LOCK for the Dickhead Hall Of Fame.

Now Klein has weighed in on the FISA bill. Apparently relying on his impeccable GOP/Bushit Cabalista sources, Klein reported in Time Magazine that the FISA law fixes promised by the Dumbocrap leadership when they caved to the Bushits last summer will FORBID agents from intercepting and/or listening to conversations between suspected terrorists outside the US. This is false, of course, as anyone with the least chinchilla of competence in reading English would know by reading the Bill.

Klein, a lazy, feckless, gutless hack and shill for the Rightard agenda from within the ostensible middle, has refused to acknowledge his lies. Glenn Greenwald took Klein to task at Salon recently for his egregious, unprofessional mendacity. Klein has tried to correct the record withOUT actually admitting his curr-like nature. ThinkProgress has a summary:
In an attempt to put to rest concerns over his ignorance about FISA reform legislation, Time magazine columnist Joe Klein writes, “I have neither the time nor legal background to figure out who’s right.” Glenn Greenwald responds by noting “the extreme lack of professionalism and corruption required” for Klein to say he “isn’t interested in bothering to find out (and isn’t even capable of determining) if anything he wrote was accurate.”
My Two Bits? Joe Klein is a worthless, lazy shitheel. Period. If he cannot be bothered to get it right, he should shut the fuck up, already!

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