Friday, February 08, 2008

David Sirota Repeats View He Might Have Read Here

His nationally syndicated column out today makes the point that readers here will already understand: that Obama will NOT be able to be an advocate for social justice, equal opportunity, schools and housing for the poor because by doing so, he would be accused of catering to his own "ethnic" (that is, class) interests, rather than the whole of the people (that is, white elites).


Anonymous said...

Sirota equates Obama with Justice Clarence Thomas, who has followed that exact concept. Accusations of bias have not influenced Obama in his choice of career or causes to date, why does anyone assume it will influence his choice of causes in his presidency, if it occurs? This really doesn't hold water.

from ruth

shrimplate said...

But media elites always savage any person, policy, or program that does *not* simply feed the gaping maw of the greedy top one-tenth-of-one-percenters.

So of course they will say Obama is just selfishly catering to ethnic, class, or whatever divisive interest-group nonsense they can come up with. I'm afraid Sirota's onto something here.