Saturday, February 02, 2008

Now For The REALLY Bad News: Americans Apparently Think A New President CAN/WILL Change Things

From an AP story on Yahoo yesterday:
Large majorities of voters believe the president has considerable sway on a range of big issues such as inflation, interest rates, the federal deficit, taxes and more. Fully three-quarters believe the president has at least some influence over health care costs, for example. Sixty-nine percent can see the president making gasoline prices go up or down.
This of course is bad news for the 'people,' the poor, delusional drones who both believe that shit, and who think "change" is possible--without a REAL revolution against the CorpoRatocrats, Oiligarchs, and Pollutocrats, because no change is possible, anywhere in the system, without their consent.

And they ain'ta gonna.

Consent, I mean.

No way. And they'll ALWAYS have their 41 votes, no matter how 'popular' the president is, no matter the size of the putative 'mandate.' Money ALWAYS trumps 'mandate'...

Which is, therefore, bad news for the next president, if s/he's a Dim. (It's irrelevant if a Puke, cuz they'll just continue the current clusterfuck and say everything is working out splendidly--which it will be, for them and their CorpoRat masters).

Because the size and scope of the clusterfuck left behind by the Bushevik cabal--everything they touched turned to shit; to which they are still adding, even as we have breakfast, by preparing agreements with the Iraqi puppet govt to keep USer troops in place for at least another decade, for example--will make it impossible for the next (Dim) president to achieve anything at all. They'll be tied to the failed policies, even as they struggle to extricate themselves, and are prevented--both by their own ideological proclivities and by global 'real-politik'--from achieving anything of real substance.

Which will leave the American people--with their outsized views of the things a Prez can do--fuming, irritated and angry...and that will be directed at their "exotic" president (either a woman or a black man), who will seem to be unable to actually change ANYTHING, both due to the size of the clusterfuck, and to obstructionism by the "opposition" (which will NOT be the kind of namby-pamby opposition the Dims were for 8 years, but will attack on EVERY front, constantly, aggressively, dishonestly, viciously, and finally successfully)...

Gay-ron-TEED, chers! The Right wins either way: 1) An 'exotic' Dim gets elected and fails ("Naturally. What did you expect from 'those' people'?") to live up to the change-hype (which they will, inevitably, because of the magnitude of the problems, and the malevolence of the GOPukes), or 2) A Puke gets in and just continues 'bidness as uzhul'.

The cynic in me says NONE of this is either an accident or a coincidence.

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Sparkle Plenty said...

It breaks my much-mended heart a little when you write like this, Woody, even though I acknowledge all that history that leads you to it. We'll see, I guess . . .

Woody (Tokin' Lib'rul/Rogue Scholar & O'erall Helluvafella!) said...

I am sorry, truly, to cause you distress. I wouldn't do so needlessly, I hope you know. It just seems to me to be so transparent, once you get past the appearances to the realities of wealth, power, influence, etc. Either/both HRC & BHO are such lightning-rods that their candidacies are going to be electric, of course. If they are 'elected' it will be because the bosses want to use them to destroy what's left of the belief and trust that the people have for the efficacy of their democratic republican system...
On the other hand, in national polls, now, McStain beats HRC and is within the moe with BHO. If the bosses just wanna go ahead with the wholesale, public destruction of democracy--just skip the subtle stuff and go straight for the kill--then they're already positioning themselves, cuz if it's close, it can be stolen (cf, 2000, 2004).