Sunday, February 10, 2008

Does ANYONE Have Any Confidence That ANYONE Can Clean Up The Busheviks' Mess???

The ONLY job of the next Regime will be to undo as much of the damage the Bushevik Cabal has done as possible.

NO ONE--no candidate even on the Dim side--is saying that this is the only genuine mandate the replacement for Bush and his cronies will have. They will have--if it's either HRC or BHO--three tasks, and three tasks only, the three "Rs": Revoke, Repair, Restore--

1) Revoke all those anti-democratic signing statements;
2) Repair the Constitution (e.g., habeas corpus, the 4th Amendment);
3) Restore the checks and balances amid the branches of Govt. and the wall between church and state...

It appears to me, however, that neither of them will be up to the task: Clinton because she fundamentally agrees with the things she'd be asked to repair, and so will approach matters without much fire for change; Obama because even if he wanted to (and I'm not sure he does), his conciliatory approach cannot undo the evils of the Bush regime, but only mitigate the horrors a trifle, while preserving the essential structures of oppression.

I am not a "Democrat," but c'mon: With the least popular, most detested, "worst President Ever" against whom to run, with a populace united in opposition to the war, an environmental crisis much of which is attributable to the ruling elites, with the economy bobbong around like a turd in a maelstrom, with medical care costs growing while coverage for citizens declines, with ALL these pop/prog issues in play, the Dems offer the only two candidates either of whom will inevitably divide both the party and the Country, and who can make it close enough for the GOPukes to steal.

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