Monday, February 04, 2008

Florida Legislator Claims, As Foreigners, Puerto Ricans Shouldn't Be Part Of $$timulus Plan


In reply to a Think Progress story about a particularly stupid racist, nativist gaffe by some bint representing some bourgeois cracker district in Florida who is renowned for her stupid, racist, nativist gaffes, a TP commentor wrote: “They don’t teach civics in schools anymore, do they?”
Here's the ThinkProgress piece:
Rep. Brown-Waite calls Puerto Ricans ‘foreign citizens.’
In a press release last week, Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite (R-FL) attacked the new economic stimulus bill for sending “hundreds of millions of dollars” to “foreign citizens,” including “residents of Puerto Rico and territories like Guam.” Calling her comments “infuriating and contradictory,” the Puerto Rican House of Representatives demanded “a public apology” today from Brown-Waite for referring to Puerto Ricans as “foreign citizens.” Puerto Ricans were made American citizens in 1917. 4:45 pm

Anent Civics: They never taught it very well.

For which there are a couple of very good reasons, mostly having to do with (what Marx called) the immanent contradictions of our ways of life.

1) Because democratic theory and practice are not highly regarded by parents where THEIR children are concerned, in their own homes. Many families I’ve know are sheer totalitarian, authoritarian at best; damn few are even remotely democratic.

2) Actually, believe it or not, democratic theory and practice are not highly regarded in the ‘marketplace,’ either, except sometimes as rhetorical flourishes, or necessary nods toward the Public Mythology…The corporate universe is precisely the antithesis of a paragon of participatory democracy.

It is much easier, therefore, to leave people in ignorance of their civic potential-–to say nothing of their civil rights and privileges–-than to have to confront the turmoil that might emerge from the cognitive dissonances folks would otherwise experience between their political lives and the rest of their worlds should such occur to them due to their educations. Much better that there should be no such dissonances.

All those pointed little heads exploding would be so messy.

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