Monday, February 25, 2008

Does ANYONE Now Think The Telecoms Won't Get Immunity?

Do you REALLY trust the Dems to protect our privacy, and revive the 4th Amendment?

Would the telecoms VOLUNTEER to continue to participate in an illegal enterprise if they were NOT rock-solid sure they'd get a pass?

Via TruthOut.Org: Telephone Wiretaps Back on "For Now"

Reuters reports: "The Bush administration said on Saturday US telecommunications companies have agreed to cooperate 'for the time being' with spy agencies' wiretaps, despite an ongoing battle between the White House and Congress over new terrorism surveillance legislation."

The Telecom Immunity Act is in the fucking BANK, the fucking fix is IN, the fucking chex are in the mail, the train has left the station, the bird has flown, and we are SOOOOOOOOOOOO fucked, chers...

And now for some fun, bouys and gulls? What about a POOL?

After November 4th (election day), how long do you think it will take for oil to hit $150/bbl, and gas to top $4/gal?

The oligarchs will move heaven and earth to prevent it happening BEFORE November, but after the rigged 'election' is in, Katie bar the fucking door...


Mr. Pelican said...

$ 5 bucks a gallon is inevitable. The price has been artificially low for too long. Look at Europe. When the profits stand to be record, nothing will keep the moneymen from grabbing all they can. The only thing that'll stop them is the WORLDWIDE economic meltdown that is just over the horizon. By that time, they'll all have their 50,000 acre ranches in Subtropical Alaska. As for the rest of us? Putting it in words of one syllable, WE ARE BONED.

BlakNo1 said...

At any rate, at least the death of William F Buckley gives us something to smile about today.