Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Do Anti-Labor, Anti-Gay, Anti-Liberal Skin-Heads Abroad Dance To CIA "Tunes"?

During the Cold War, US and other western governments created anti-Communist, Right-Wing, "insurgent" cells--called "Stay Behind" or "Gladio" squads--in virtually all European democracies in case of a Soviet invasion. Designed along the lines of the French WW II Resistance to the Nazi invasion, these cells have--since the end of the Cold War and the disappearance too, of the threat of Soviet conquest of Europe--become the nuclei of the Right-wing gangsta and neo-fascist gang activities which have sprung up all around Europe to frustrate liberalization in those democracies, and to create threats to 'order' that could be met by anti-democratic, authoritarian measures.
The use of proxy mercenary forces to terrorize nations into submitting to US political demands has been the cornerstone of American foreign policy since at least the era of the Berlin Wall, and it still is.
In Europe, the American government actively sought to eliminate political opposition to its fascist world plans through the use of open violent repression and covert terroristic "false flag" attacks upon popular patriotic resistance movements and their leaders. Using ultra right-wing homegrown fascists, in both Europe and America, secret paramilitary militias were created, called "Stay Behind" forces at the end of World War II. Since then, the CIA activated these groups to successfully quash anti-American liberal and social democratic popular resistance movements. The agency denies this, but the series of exposes of their network in Europe since 1990 have proven the professed denials to be false
The secret American plans to turn dissent into a weapon for destroying democracy were applied equally, yet differently, in America and Europe. Here, the procedure called for using more subtlety, as opposed to Europe, where everything would happen outside of the controlled environment of the corporate US media. In Europe, so-called "pro-communist" forces could be fought more aggressively, using secretive groups like Gladio to physically attack the antiwar, Labor-oriented and liberal protest movements. Behind the scenes, terror attacks were carried-out by anonymous sources to be blamed on the opposition party. Using the extreme right-wing Gladio forces in this manner, as well as infiltrating and sabotaging leftist groups from within, proved devastating at the polls. People ran away from the resistance in droves, seeking security in the waiting arms of the fascists and the all-powerful state. But many people did also see through the BS of the "official story" of events like the bombing of a train stations in Bologna, Italy.

The secret plans for Europe entailed large covert paramilitary units in every NATO nation, that were trained and ready to suppress all anti-American protests by liberals and social democrats. The official name of the covert programs was "Gladio." The official cover story (and its original purpose) was that these right-wing paramilitary units were "Stay Behind" forces, which were created as copies of the French "underground" resistance, to be activated upon a Soviet conquest and occupation of Europe. The Stay Behind/Gladio forces saw a change of mission in the sixties, when the European socialist/liberal alliance began to awaken strong nationalist movements in every NATO country.1
The source for the preceding, and for the rest of the report, which is equally chilling (and non-partisan: Clinton was as much involved as the Chimperor or Pappy), comes from GlobalResearchDotCa, blog of the Centre For Research on Globalization, run by the indefatigable and irredoubtable Michel Chossudovsky, professor of economics at University of Ottowa, who does not give automatic credence to ANY governmental utterance.

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