Sunday, February 10, 2008

No Regrets. But BEAUCOUP Karmic Debts !!!!!

Via NPR, Feb. 7: The Six-Word Memoir

Once asked to write a full story in six words, legend has it that novelist Ernest Hemingway responded: "For Sale: baby shoes, never worn."

In this spirit of simple yet profound brevity, the online magazine Smith asked readers to write the story of their own lives in a single sentence.

The result is Not Quite What I Was Planning, a collection of six-word memoirs by famous and not-so-famous writers, artists and musicians. Their stories are sometimes sad, often funny — and always concise.

The hed on this post is my contribution. If you got one of your own, drop it in here.


Spocko said...

I nerve pinched talk radio.

Hecate said...

A stranger came to town.