Sunday, September 07, 2008

Brain-Food for the Post-Festival (Folk/Football) Fury Feast

Did any of you get to The General's Page today? If not, get thee hence, thereupon to discover, in fact, despite what certain deluded romantics seem to think, according The Holy Handgrenade of Left-bloggiedom, there is a compelling argument why, contra 'Si, se puedes," there are lots and lots of reasons why No, no puedes ustedes! (No, You Can't!), and whereever it was you thought you could, the sky wasn't EVER blue...A sobering read...The Ginr'l nails it in his customary, straightforward way, understated way.

A taste:
No, you can't assume that we'll ever tell the truth, the whole truth, or nothing but the truth, not even under oath (assuming you can get us there), and not even when the truth is clearly good enough to stand on its own. We'll lie about little things like teleprompters and big things like our own records. We'll even tell obvious lies because we don't respect you enough to think you'll notice or care. Lying well takes practice, and if we stop we might get sloppy — not that you'd notice anyway.
It's their utter contempt for even the niceties of simply pretending to be trying to conceal their depredations that worries me the most. They just do not give a fuck, anymore, and it seems to me there's only, really, one reason: the fix is in.

Either the owners have decided there's still enough time before the eventual final collapse of 'civilization that it will be profitable (the expenses are amortizable) to destroy the last shreds of progressive/liberal/inclusionary politics by installing Obama in a doomed quest to correct, or even to arrest, the impetus toward entropy which the Busheviks recklessly accelerated--but the Clenis and Raygun also significantly abetted, reasoning--correctly, according to my theorem on the matter--that the press will press the blame for failure not on the intractability of the problem but on the race and character of the "black librul with the funny name," who (predictably) couldn't handle the responsibility, thereby demonstrating the unfitness of any but wealthy white males to wielld the might that is America's godly wrath!

This strategy has a couple of drawbacks, "depending," as McShitstain's nurse would say. One is that it occupies a couple of years to see through to fruition, would cost them perhaps some new taxes, and certainly the loss of some of their more egregious benefits; and the owners may figure that there's just not enough time to recoup the expense before the hammer falls.
So, they may have decided just to skip to the chase and install Bombin Johnnie and Annie Oakley to preside over the undiminished robbery of the treasury, including Social Security this time, the final extinction of humans' competitor species, and the onset of the food and water wars....

Either way, the outcome does not seem to matter to the McShitstain crew at all...And that speaks volumes to me.

(A shorter version of this post appeared on The Pond a little earlier today. It arose from a comment on Pharyngula. This version is also up at MLW.)

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