Saturday, September 27, 2008

Why Didn't Obama Demand Bombin' Johnnie's Medical Records?

There's more than 1,000 pages of 'em, and more added almost daily, one suspects. And it's not like they're irrelevant. He wants to be installed as the President of the USofA...

His cancer is the real 'elephant' (or "moose?") in the room. Realistically, he's got no more than 30-36 months to live. He's on final approach, as they say in the zoomies, and likely he knows it. Prob'ly it's why he's so desperate to become Preznint: his last chance to exceed/surpass the accomplishments of his father, the Admiral, and become the "highest ranking McCain EVAH!!! Kneel, peasants, and respect his AUTHORI-TAY!"
(Tell me he doesn't make you think of Cartmann? John McCartmann...that could go viral with the right illustrations...) "

And if he's gonna last that long, it's gonna entail courses of many-months-long radiation and chemo therapies which are debilitating in the extreme. He'll be incapable of carrying out his responsibilities, if he starts therapy again. They don't even keep survival statistics past 4 years, for what's got him. If he's inaugurated, he'll have to place his hand on the 25th Amendment.

Which probably accounts for the scrutiny being accorded to his designated replacement, the troglodytic MILF, Sarah Palin (am I the only one who thinks that name should belong to a Tolkien dwarf?) I'd say she's a 75% chance to inherit the Office. (And if she ever needs to get real work, she can get a job moving earth with that jaw. Sucker's GOTTA be half-a yard.)

We know why Lehrer didn't/wouldn't/can/t ask (though in a 'real' democracy we might have expected it)...I mean apart from the fact that he's become a pathological butt-wipe and coward.

The way the press has been reconfigured under the regime of corpoRatist consolidation over the last 40 years (yes, it has been going on and been obvious that long), the toadies and bootlickers in the SCUM (So-Called Unbiased Media) are not permitted to mention even the most glaringly obvious contradictions or raise uncomfortable questions if doing so challenges the celebrity/candidate's own (propagandized) 'narratives.'

Only another 'candidate' or 'surrogate' may do that...Which effectively shuts off discussion if the opponent is a weak, 'polite' shuffler...

So, why didn't Obama demand McCancer release his records?

Or "The Trollop's" financials, for that matter?

Under the pertinent rules, apparently, he's the only one who can...

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