Thursday, September 25, 2008

Has "Socialist" Bernie Sanders Lost His Fucking Mind???

Or is he going senile? What the fuck? He just characterized the discourse of Larry Kudlow and the Bail Here, Bail Now crowd as "socialists." See if he didn't:

In the comments over at C&L, where the vid's up, I posted:

Oh, bernie, you illiterate ass, shut the fuck up.

You’re giving socialism a bad name.

These fucks aren’t advocating socialism. Socialism always aims for an egalitarian distribution of resources, wealth and responsibility.

This is sheer, pure Corporatism, whereby the state arm of the corporation preserves the ‘bidness’ arm with whatsoever resources it can appropriate from the commons.

If you’ of all people, are gonna use the term, fucking use it fucking correctly, fuckwit…
To which someone took umbrage (without, of course addressing the substance of my complaint about Brainless Bernies 'bon mot':
You know, Sanders is one of the few politicians who actually takes an interest in the workers in the field, people like you and me. Why the “fuck” are you going after him with such venom? And btw, the man is hardly illiterate.
To which i was then constrained to reply, as delicately as possible, understanding both teh apparent weakness of the intellect (or comprhension skills, at any rate) with which I was dealing, and that the person was, probably, politically semi-sympathetic:
Because he’s the only “socialist” in Congress.

And when he calls Kudlow and his ilk “socialists” too, he tarnishes his own ‘luster’ as well as that of anyone else who takes the principles of ’socialism’ seriously by putting himself–and the rest of us, and it–in the same class as these predatory scum…It’s both stupid and ignorant, and I do NOT know why anyone with a fucking brain would do it…
What a fucking turd-for-brain!

I mean: What the fuck is he DOING, using the label--socialist--that he wears with apparent pride in his district--and with which I and thousands more identify their political and economic philosophies--to malign Kudlow et al for their bail-out mentality? By calling them "socialists," he actually attacks his own relevance. Doesn't he see that by doing that, he only underwrites the same ANTI-SOCIALIST narrative/rhetoric that has plagued us for a century or more. In his 'ribbing' Kudlow, he buys into the myth that socialism is "something-for-nothing" scheme, nothing than which could be further from the truth. Fuck, Bernie. Just FUCK!

These guys--Kudlow, et al--aren't 'socialists' in any WAY that would be recognized by, say Michael Harrington, the man more or less permanently associated with SPA, albeit hes been deceased for 20 years. (His 1972 book, "Socialism," should b required reading anywhere anybody talks about "market" economies.)

No. Kudlow, et al., are unalloyed Corporatists. They're agents of the CorpoRat State, frantically trying to prevent the dissolution of their cabal, and the revelations that would stream like shit from ruptured septic tank if the breech becomes too big or too enduring.

With "socialist" friends like Babbling Bernie, we do not need opponents...


Anonymous said...

Uh, ever heard of the Nazis? Otherwise known as the National Socialists?

woody said...

What is this, a doughy-pantload wanna-be? Get a fucking life.

Aratina said...

I know what you mean about meaning what you say. I hate, for instance, how liberal is used as a word of defilement. But I would suggest that you took Bernie Sanders comment the wrong way. This is the first time in my life (I've been through the Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Bush years) that I have seen people really fight back against the GOP badmouthing with real gusto. One of my favorite ways to really cut them down is to reflect their own hate back on them by using words they use to describe anyone that opposes them, like the words liberal and socialist. I know it isn't right to say that Sarah Palin is socialist or to say that Bush is socialist, but it sure is a great way to cut the haters off at the knees by getting them to think of their heroes as such. It would not have worked before, now there is a ring of truth to the statement that people who support taking over private businesses and throwing around public money are socialist. It kind of shuts them up.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure he was being sarcastic.