Saturday, September 13, 2008

Craven Dims Supplicate GOPhascist Fux On Off-Shore/ANWR Oil Drilling/Lease Issues

Democrats sought on Saturday to drum up support for compromise legislation on offshore drilling, challenging Republicans to break from Bush administration policies that neglect development of alternative energy sources.
The Senate next week will consider at least three proposals that call for an expansion of offshore drilling — one being developed by Democrats, another by Republicans and a third by a bipartisan group. All are expected to have some expansion of offshore drilling, but doubts remains as whether any of the proposals being considered will garner the needed 60 votes required to overcome a certain filibuster (threat)...
A Sure-fire Winner
There is one 'sure-fire' expedient by which the Dims--if they had the stones for it--could "win" on the hot-button energy issue of opening new oil wells off-shore and in ANWR. That would be: in the enabling legislation, Congress should stipulate that, since it is AMERICA's energy shortage, and AMERICA's resources, on or near incomparable and irreplaceable AMERICAN sea-coasts and wilderness--which the exploration and drilling would compromise and could easily destroy--and because it would be AMERICANS who would bear ALL the risk, every last drop of oil, every single btu of gas, every therm of any kind recovered from those reserves, at that potentially catastrophic expense, MUST be sold to and used by AMERICAN 'consumers.

Puke heads all over the world would explode, from the top of Exxon/Mobil all the way to the enate Energy Committee. Of course, the oil people would then, and swiftly, scuttle ANY such law. But in doing so, there would be the revelation that it was N0T now, and NEVER WAS, the project to free America from the tyranny of foreign oil but is NOW, and ALWAYS WAS a scheme to increase corporate power and profits...

That's because oil, like money, is 'fungible.' Once it enters the system, there's really no way to specify which resources belong to whom, except by the tanker holds it's in. So the Oil/energy mavens and their paid lackeys in Congress would have no choice but to oppose the "America First" conditions, because--as a result of the globalization of energy resources--it would be physically impossible for them to comply with such regulations. Of course, they could not--and would not WANT to--guarantee that all "American" oil went just to "Americans," or that none of it went to the Chinese or the Indians, for example...

This approach has a triply exponential value: It seems both reasonable and PATRIOTIC! And It rat-fucks the CorpoRats.

American Resources for Americans!!!!: The America's Exceptional Resources for Ordinary Americans Act.

Ewe Ess Ayy!!! Ewe Ess Ayy!!! Ewe Ess Ayy!!!

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