Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wholly Shit

Because it is such a useful tool for keeping abreast of the latest in EvangiE/Fundie dominionist, theocratic crapola, I have appropriated the whole of a weekly entry from Mike's Blog Round-Up today, links and all. If this shit doesn't make you wanna burn a bible for Jaysus, there's probably no hope for you outside the theocracy, rising.
HOLY CRAP: Poll shows support for torture among Southern evangelicals…Faith of the Abomination…Values Voters Summit…Those wacky Muslims…Christian music superstar comes out…In other News…Tackling masturbation. Here’s the modern solution, and here’s the Biblical solutionWorldnutdaily: World to End in 2013…Bishops vs. Catholic politicians…The pastor who clashed with Palin…Fundies say the darndest things…The No Sin ZonePray for Pipeline…The politicized pulpit…GOP subpoenas God…Sarah Palin’s Hard Rain


Flying Junior said...

You need to deharsh. Show love.

Ruth said...

Gotcha, Woody. Preying is what they do. You gotta go over to the cab and see Georgie Geyer wishing for old white men back.

Mr. Pelican said...

Show love? These flying monkeys are not showing any signs of affection for anyone who disagrees with their myopic,monolithic view of the world. I'd be happy to show some love when I'm shown some respect; when I'm not branded a traitor for speaking out against what I perceive as the evils of our times: rampant greed and corruption, wholesale hypocracy, dissolution of national and international goodwill for the sake of a party with a theoretical fascade of morality and conservatism, but in actuality is a smokescreen for the continuing dominance of a fraternity which makes the TKE's look like the Cub Scouts. "Show love", my ass! Keep on being harsh, Woody, be a the fuckin' MOTHRA of gadflys!