Thursday, September 04, 2008

"Palin-fully Honest"

I frequent the personals sections of the Toobz. Sara Palin, in her speech and demeanor, reminds me of one of those gals who, in their personals, proclaim themselves to be “painfully honest.” This, of course, means “painfully honest” only about YOU; watch it if you essay a similar honesty about her. She'll cut your nuts off...and, then, because of her gender, she’ll claim a free pass: any criticism of her will be portrayed and perceived as either 'bullying' or ’sexism.’ Win/Win!

Despite what anyone with a single scintilla of intelligence may think, Palin is the perfect nominee for purposes of drawing the “undecided” (really, the working-class, white, so-called 'low info,' resentful, dog-shit dumb) ‘Mid-dull Murkin’ demographic. She's stunningly obnoxious, and confrontational, condescending as only a "Christian" ("not perfect, saved") can be; but as a ‘woman’ in a "man's world" (politics isn't genteel), she’ll claim an exemption from being subject to the same shit she'll so enthusiastically spread.

Stick your own fork in your asses.
You’re done.

Why? The problem with the opinionating in the left-b/sphere is that you/we are WAY too well informed. We don’t have that shallow, paltry, indifferent, unalterable, rock-ribbed-STUPID understanding of the world that is shared among the dog-shit dumb who possess little inclination or curiosity--to say nothing of understanding--to discover the conditions of their own oppression. We have nuance, and details, and critique. They have “Fuck You!”

“Fuck you” defeats nuance every fuuking time,…

Oh, I’m still gonna ‘vote’ for the Great Mocha Hope…because I would rather chop off a hand than use it to cast a ballot for ANY GOPhascist.
But the game’s over…the pukes may not even have to cheat too much this time…

Which is a shame for the Dims, a party that should be ahead 20 points at this period of the campaign

(This post also appeared on MLW today. Thanks to MSOC for the tew kewl graphic/gif.)

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