Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Is The Election Theft Of 2008 Already Underway? You Betcher Sweet Ass!

Former U.S. attorney David C. Iglesias of New Mexico, with former U.S. attorney Carol S. Lam of San Diego, testifies on Capitol Hill. Photo Credit: By Lauren Victoria Burke -- Associated Press Photo

Of course it is...

What on earth do you suppose those 90 (mas o menos) US Attorneys who WEREN'T fired by Fredo and the Chimp in 2006--for insufficient partisan fervor--have been doing to protect their jobs? Fucking knitting? NO, they've been busy, busy boys and girls, friends. They been fucking things up with abandon. Likely we won't know the extent of their predations until after the fact: Nov 4, '08...

Take a look at what those who were fired were fired for not doing.

The rest, numbering 93 in all---and all Chimperor loyalists (aka "Goodlings")--have had 8 years to perfect their slimy, illegal tactics. There's a particularly perceptive and comprehensive review of the preparations underway now on "The Palestine Chronicles", which at first struck me as a semi-strange source. Upon reading it, I found it persuasive.

The GOPukes have been busy already at their tried-and-true tricks of trying to suppress the votes in predominantly, or predictably, Dim precincts. They're aggressively caging voters using public records of foreclosure notices, and they're challenging new voter registrations everywhere. We may anticipate the usual shenanigans regarding tampering with or mis-preparing certain districts for high turn-out, or failures supplying voting materials and resources to those locations.

This summary from the Palestine Chronicle site, comes at the end of a distressingly long list of about a dozen recent incidents of clearly unethical and arguably illegal GOPuk interference:
This is all adding up to a concerted campaign by McCain-Palin to undermine the progress Obama-Biden have made in registering voters. How many hundreds of thousands of voters will be intimidated by these actions, challenged on Election Day or prevented from voting? Will the Republicans be able to de-register voters faster than the Democrats register them?
Then there's the still very prominent problem of so many votes being cast on unaccountable, electronic voting machines. More than 30 states STILL use electronic voting machines without paper-trails or hard ballots which could be recovered for manual recount.

The Chimp 'won' in '04 with about a 3-million-vote margin. Which was one-in-ten of the votes cast electronically, without recount access past the original electronic records. The percentage was larger in certain locations. Greg Palast's documented the correlation between the Chimp's margin of victory in close states and the number of bad, or unrecountable, ballots...

I'd say, probably, it's already a done deal, what with the Corporat Press and their corpoRat cousins, the 'independent' polling orgs, colluding in proclaiming loudly how close it is and is gonna be...Gotta keep those ratings up. The drama of the 'horse race' makes 'em piles of effectively unearned money, plus there's the political implication of a dramatic 'race':

It'll be just close enough to 'legitimately' steal...

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