Friday, September 11, 2009

I Am Of The "LIHOP" Persuasion, Myself...

...With PNACheney, who held the 'intelligence' portfolio, as the chief "lettor"/abettor.

I think everything about the attacks was known except the exact date and flight-numbers.

I don't think they told "the Chimp" in advance; I really doubt W's a good enough actor to have pulled off his shocked demeanor in that Florida classroom, when he was told the news. had he known in advance. But I could be wrong; he is, by now, I expect...

Maybe they were surprised at the NUMBER of flights involved, and therefore the number of casualties. But they needed a "Pearl Harbor."

I think the Shanksville, Pa. "crash" was a shoot-down.

I think bin Laden's dead--google bhutto frost bin laden...

Still, that's all probably just me.

And of course there are other theories, in the service of which the ever-iconoclastic, very thorough Pepe Escobar, writing in the AsiaTimes, provides today a list of "50 Questions" which, eight years along, seem relevant and haven't been answered (not satisfactorily, to many--DOTOF™ to Antemedius).

I won't list them here. Many if not most of them already have been asked publically, mostly to officials who seem either unwilling or or unable to answer, by folks who are dismissed as tin-foil-hatted conspiratorialists--or derisively as "truthers," for thinking that, in fact, much about what happened that day is being intentionally withheld--by those same otherwise stoically silent authorities.

I'd sure love to hear the answers. But, being already in my early 60s, I don't think I'll live long enough to ever see definitive evidence about it, one way or the other...

(PS. I fergit: did Congress ever release the second volume of the 9/11 Committee "report"...?)

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