Monday, September 28, 2009

NPR's Sanctimonious Scott Simon: The Best Description Yet

From the Department of Corpo-Radio Fools, Shills and Stooges:
Earlier today I came upon a comment on NPR Check, a vital site for learning about (if you have more or less stopped listening, as I have) and kvetching about the never-ending, multi-'lingual' tongue-laving of the prostates of the Oligarchy by the wretched CorpoRat shills who once occupied a proud bastion of critical journalism, now gone wholly corrupt by diktat of the Oligopoly. There I found this description of Scott Simon, the Weekend Edition-Saturday host/scold/fellator and news-reader, whose inane, too-frequent, girlish giggles, patronizing pedantries, and descents into editorial bathos have come to define the program:
This morning Scott Simon squirted himself a generous handful of oily self-regard and worked himself into a fine froth of moral vanity over U.S. military policy in Afghanistan.
Very nice. Really. ALMOST perfect.

But I--always the editor--gotta jump it up, and so I have tried in my poor way to adjust the language ever so slightly, to more fully convey Simon's smug smarm:
...Simon anointed himself with a generous dollop of oleaginous unctuousness and haughty self-regard...
I have ceased supporting "public radio" because I cannot support the local station(s) without some substantial portion of my donation being cycled back though the odious, corrupt, corporat CPR. Until and unless I may support either KUNM or KANW without any proceeds of my donation going to the bloated, bloviating blowhards of the national 'desk,' I'll just abstain, thanks...

(FYI: The NPR Ombudsperson, Alicia Shepherd, a wholly undistinguished corporate shill and unrepentant hack, is payed as much as $250 THOUSAND/year to dispense gems of wisdom, such as explaining why NPR never uses the term "torture" when describing the actins of USer interrogators...

And while we're on the subject: In a show of some small sense of shame, NPR not long ago prevailed upon FauxNews to refrain from announcing "Wan" Juan Williams' NPR affiliation when introducing the co-opted hack Williams on Faux News Shows; meanwhile, NPR steadfastly refuses to identify Williams as a FauxNews "spook-by-the-door," reliable, fucktard water-carrier for O'Reilly, Hannity and Beck, when introducing him on NPR's air, a subject about which I have upbraided the Ombud so extensively that they no longer acknowledge my complaints.)

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