Friday, September 25, 2009

Makes Me Proud To Be A Murkin!

The way the tea-baggers/tenthers/deathers/birthers say it, ACORN is an acronym for "Anti-Murkin Commies Out Recruiting Ni66ers."

Anyone to whom their own pink skin pigmentation is the primary source of their social identity in the polis is, de facto, a racist.


rudekitty said...

Yeah, it's fucking hilarious the woodie that these dumb-ass inbred cretins have for ACORN, an organization that has never been convicted of any crime, yet KBR electricutes our soldiers in Iraq and... (crickets). Which tells you exactly where they're at: it ain't about anything ACORN has *done*, it's what ACORN *is* -- i.e., an organization made up primarily of black people. And the ridiculous thing is that our so-called "media", rather than pointing out that, well, these inbred cretins are a bunch of racist motherfuckers, actually dons the white hood and starts capering in the goddamn woods with the cretins! What the fuck?

themom said...

Who will be hurt the most, once the rethugs get done with ACORN?? The poor. Oh, but I forgot...they have no concerns or cares about the down-trodden. Silly me!