Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Miraculously, Max Blumenthal Avoids Drowning In Teabagger Ocean of "STOOPIT!"

It's a filthy job. I couldn't not help starting to beat them.

It is as if by the election of an 'inferior,' the threatened, frightened, hateful mediocrities of the vast Murkin MISDULL have thrown off the pretense of "political correctness," e.g., and other courtesies accorded to minorities. They seem determined now to indulge in public what, prior to Obama's election, they had been constrained only to pronounce among themselves in orgies of of spurious superiority. They were content with this, as long as they retained the evidence of their cultural hegemony. Now that that illusion, too, has been banished by the election of a Negro, they appear to beleive all constraints are removed from incivility. They're gonna flex their "majority."

These people? They make my skin crawl. They're brownshirts in all but apparel (on the dreaded "Jump"):

***UPDATE***: The brave man is Edward Kimmel, 58, of Takoma Park, MD. He is a hero for speaking truth to idiocy!

A brave man walks through the teabagger protest on the National Mall in Washington, DC, with a large sign that reads "Public Option Now". If not for the cops that escorted him through the crowd, they probably would have eaten him alive.
This is not gonna end well. Not "this." The guy escapes. But the whole thing. There is bloody insurrection in the air.

"I want my Country back" sounds like this in the original German: "Gib mir mein Vaterland zuruch!"

The only thing right now that prevents this from descending into anti-Semitism, too, is that apparently even these looney-toons cannot reconcile the contradiction of crypto-Muslim, socialist/commie Barack Hussein Obama in league with the Jewish bankers.

But I imagine they're working on it...

And it wouldn't have mattered if it were Obama or Hillary. The Right was ready to exploit the status of either one as a "novelty," to the same conclusions.

PS: Aravosis recommended this, on a similar theme:

The layers of lard entrapping their bodies must have atrophied their fucking brains, too...


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Mr. Pelican said...

We are awash in a Sea of Stupidity, surrounded by Leviathans of Lethargy, Behemoths of Bigotry wallow under our keel. Huge waves of ignorance rise up to drown us. The tatters of a main'sl, shredded hope, flutter impotently from a mast shattered by our own infighting, greed and deceit.
If this is what our country is becoming, I have lived too long. Yup, in the decorous words of Woody, "WASF".