Thursday, September 10, 2009

I suppose it's just me, but it seems to me Obama's caved to the HIP

Hecklers? Who the fuck cares about hecklers? Leaders get heckled all over the world. It's only in autocracies where heckling the "Leader" is thought bad form--orth Korea, Iran, the USA. The Brits do it all the time. The Prez is not "royalty." Of course it took a (half-)Black man in the WhiteHouse to set the precedent. But, hey, take progress when you can find it. Obama's election has illuminated the whole corpus of immanent racism in the US to the fore. Though I have to say, I doubt the next President (some--any--wealthy, white, fascist male) will brook such temerity from his subjects.

As to the speech: I wasn't impressed. (I know, I know: I'm not much impressed with anything Obama does. So sue me.) Yeah, the guy can deliver a speech. But I didn't hear a single word in it that would provide a single moment's unease to the Health Insurance Parasites. And lets be clear here: The health-insurance "industry" is parasitical. It could scarcely be thought of any other way. The health Insurance "industry" is parasitical. There is NO other word for it.

The parasite contributes nothing, and removes vital resources that are better used in keeping the host alive.

The parasite is wholly indifferent to, unconcerned about the health of the "host." It takes what it can get, what it needs, and moves on. The condition of the "host" is of no concern as ANY point in the process.

Tell me how that does NOT describe the "health insurance industry"...

...Representative entities of which are STILL denying claims BY PAID-UP, INSURED CLAIMANTS in California at the rate approaching four in 10.

Denied the ability of rescission, and faced with the undiminished necessity of producing quarterly profits--which denials and recissions kept astronomically high-- what do you imagine the HIP will do? Throw up their collective hands and bow to the will of the people? Not fucking likely!

Do you imagine that, perhaps, they'll temporize? Require more (cheap) consultations, or more tests, referrals, or 'naturalistic" nostrums, as opposed to (expensive) treatment? All the while, playing the clock against the life of the client, as each delay brings the patient closer to death, which has the happy result of relieving the HIP of any need to spending additional premiums on what was, obviously, in any case, a lost cause?

Of course, in America, I cannot imagine anything like that happening, can you? Even if such corporate behavior did not contravene "business ethics" (the absolute paragon of oxymorons), it would be against the "law," wouldn't it....oh, wait...No?

Obama has signaled repeatedly he'll sign any piece of shit that makes it to his desk. And I promise you, he'll sign it with all the attendant pomp and celebration commensurate with the second fucking coming of The Lord AND the arrival of the Titanic in New York, whole and sound.

Keep this in mind: The extent to which the HIP declares it is either "happy" with, or "can live" with any plan Obama gets to his desk, that is an index of how far up the collective ass of the People he intends to shove corporate profit. If they're not complaining, it's because they're making LOTS of money...

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