Monday, November 02, 2009

Answer: "For The Money"?

Question: Why is Holocaust Industry promoter/camp survivor Elie Wiesel hanging around with notorious Xian/Apocalyptoid 'minister' John Hagee, some of whose message you may appreciate in the vid, above??? This guy's an ALLY of Israel?

Could the fact that Wiesel lost most of his foundation's resources by investing them with trusted 'landsman' Bernie Madoff have anything to do with it?

I don't know, but Max Blumenthal, at HuffPost, has a few opinions about it, some of which have resulted Max's being accused (as usual, in these matters) of being an 'anti-Semitic' Jew:
On October 25, while an overflow crowd of 1,500 poured into the first convention of the progressive-leaning, Israel-oriented lobbying organization J Street, Elie Wiesel addressed a crowd of 6,000 Christian Zionists at Pastor John Hagee's "Night To Honor Israel." According to the San Antonio Express News, while Wiesel sat by his side, Hagee trashed President Barack Obama, baselessly accusing him of "being tougher on Israel than on Russia, Iran, China and North Korea."

Meanwhile, Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren, who appeared at Hagee's Christians United for Israel summit earlier this year, rejected J Street's request to speak at their convention, instead dispatching a low-level embassy official to "observe" the event. Oren then accused J Street of "impair[ing] Israel's interests."

In blessing Hagee while damning J Street, Wiesel and Oren chose an anti-Semitic group led by a far-right End Times theology preacher over a fledgling progressive organization that bills itself as "pro-Israel, pro-peace." And both Wiesel and Oren seem to be embroiled in yet another controversy over involvement with the extremist preacher.
Hagee's support was avidly sought out by GOPuke candidates during the last campaign.
During the 2008 presidential campaign, Senator John McCain avidly sought Hagee's endorsement, appearing by the pastor's side during a widely publicized press conference to announce it. McCain was intent on winning a seal of approval from a figure of the Christian right, especially since he had lambasted Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson in the 2000 Republican presidential primaries.
Here's Hagee again, telling Jews Hitler was God's way of testing them:

Jews DO understand, don't they--educated, sophisticated, worldly people that they are--that the Christo-Zionists only support Israel because they purport to believe that only after all the Jews are rounded up and safely deposited in Israel will Xian/Fascist "Redeemer" return and assume 'the faithful' (NOT Jews) into Heaven, don't they?

But I guess it's just business; we all know it's nothing personal: business is business.

There's more at HuffPost (including another Hagee vid; I can stand only so much); of particular interest should be Max's replies to his hyper-Jewish critics.

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intelliwench said...

Clearly this is a sign of the coming apocalypse. (And I am eternally grateful to you for following this with the "Not Glenn Beck" video for comic relief!)