Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Obligatory "Palin, the Parvenu," Post

I knew the moment her name was announced to accompany McCumstain's on the Puke ticket that they had decided to throw the election to the Dims.


Innit obvious? To escape and displace their responsibility for --and public anger over-- the fantastical array of spectacular Bushevik clusterfux: the climate, the economy, the wars, health care, environmental degradation, and increasing fascist proclivities of the electorate, etc, etc, etc.

So the Pukes arranged it so that the Dims would (gleefully) take control of, and absorb the national vitriol for, the worst collection of effectively insoluble crises, castrophes and the aforesaid clusterfux ever to be assembled under one Government in the history of the WORLD.

By the end, Bush/Cheney was hated. Nobody claims they weren't almost universally loathed. Bush claimed the lowest approval rating on record. Even WHITE people hated them.

So the idea, of course, of giving the angry white people somebody other than another white guy to hate (if only for a while) was brilliant!

Obligingly, the Dims complied, by making the contest about "novelty": the first woman nominee or the first PoC nominee. Either Hillary or Obama would have sufficed. Hillary wouldn't have had it any easier. Instead of racism, misogyny would have been the dominant meme, is all...

But in Murka, it's just easier to gin up racial hatred than gender resentment.

Mission: Obama'd...

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