Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Would you supply a prospective employer with a DNA sample?

If it were a condition of employment?

Think not? Likely, you're not gonna have a choice.

More and more, employers have begun demanding employees supply DNA samples along with information for "background" checks.

Last month, the University of Akron demanded DNA samples from both new applicants and already employed personnel.

A new law (GINA--Genetic Infomation Non-discrimination Act) imaginarily protects personal DNA data from being used as a screen for employment or benefits. It "prohibits" the use of dna information as a tool of personnel discipline and control, "prohibits" using dna information in decisions about hiring, promotion and benefits.

Yeah, right...

Here's some of the ways the data is proposed to be used by 'officials' in Britain:
Here are some ways DNA from job applicants, including police recruits, can be used:
To predict current and future health status as it affects fitness for the job.

To determine insurance liability both for the job candidates and their families (since genes are inherited).

To assess personality traits, such as the MAOA gene which is associated with violent behavior, the D4-7 gene variant associated with risk taking, the stathmin gene associated with fear, and the CHRM2 gene associated with performance IQ, so that candidates can be matched with the appropriate job.

To make sure the candidate isn’t a crime suspect by comparing his/her DNA with DNA databases. According to another interview with Noel Perry, Assistant Commissioner of the Ethical Standards Commissioner in 2003, gang leaders and members of organized crime have joined police forces before (remember that horrible movie starring Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio, The Departed?).
In the case of police recruits, DNA can be keep on file for comparison to samples taken at crime scenes as a safeguard against police involvement in criminal activity.
Because, of course, corpoRats will always use whatever levers they can extort. They will do EXACTLY whatever they want with the data, will use it in any way that seems to the corpoRat systemic "mind" will redound to the financial advantage of the CorpoRats. They will lie, falsify records, bribe, buy or destroy, and do whatever the fuck they want with the data, will use it in any way that will abet the bottom line: unfairly, dishonestly, adversarily. It's how they roll... It will NEVER happen any other way. In a couple of years, there will be a "scandal" about it. Gay-Ron-FUCKING-TEED, chers...

I mean, who's gonna stop 'em? You? Me?



One Fly said...

They're going to do what ever the fuck they want whenever they want and as often as they want and there is no stopping them. The battle is lost and most don't have a clue about it.

Alexandra said...

Most don't have a clue, the battle is lost and there hasn't even been a battle.