Monday, November 09, 2009

What "Debate"?: For This, Dims Toss Women's Health Under the Bus?

Arthur Silber agrees with and repeats Chris Floyd's analysis, and offered this observation late last week:
"...(W)hatever happens, certain already immensely powerful and wealthy corporations closely allied with the State will become still more powerful and wealthy. Given the nature of the corporatist system that now throttles every aspect of life in the U.S., that is how the system works. That's how it's set up, and that's its purpose. The fact that insurance companies will reap huge rewards on the backs of "ordinary" taxpaying Americans is not a regrettable byproduct of an allegedly good but imperfect effort at reform, or a flaw that will be fixed at some unspecified future date. And as already powerful and wealthy interests become more powerful and wealthy, the State will also increase its already massive power over all our lives still more. None of that is incidental: it's the point.

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Liberality said...

I am sick of women's interests, especially health care, being thrown under the bus. Women are not the property of the state dammit!

wealthy corporations closely allied with the State oh, yes, our increasingly fascist state of America is right!