Saturday, November 07, 2009

Re: The Ft. Hood Shootings & The Myth of Peace Through Arms

It has been reported --I think I heard a brief reference on NPR yesterday morning--that some of the victims at Ft. Hood were NOT shot by the alleged shooter but were shot by the people shooting AT the shooter…

Irony, nest paw? First, that such a disaster would occur on an Army base where there is tight security and everybody has weapons' training, and many walk around fully armed.

If this proves to be true–and I don’t expect to learn the truth anytime soon–then it is ammunition (you should forgive the metaphor…) with which to rebut the claims by the gun-loons that a well-armed society is a safe society…

A long time ago, I proposed an idea to placate the gun-loons: Every one should be armed at all times, and under the injunction that if an armed citizen observes another armed citizen "pull" his/her weapon, the observing citizen was required by law to "pull" her/his own weapon and point it at the person previously brandishing a weapon. If one fires the weapon, then present all must also fire.

Solves a couple of problems, as you can see.

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Flying Junior said...


You would think that this was a deliberate canard put out there to counter the popular gun nut position that the hospital was a "gun-free zone."

* Please do not googol this last expression unless you want a virus *

And that as such, the wonderfully trained soldiers were as helpless as ordinary unarmed citizens. Now I see the wonderful irony of your post. You were giving these clowns a taste of their own satire. The very notion that a bunch of "kook" soldiers, enjoying their leisure time at the hospital, were forced to disarm...

Well, suffice it to say, I have taken a peek over at my gun buddy's website.