Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Murdoch, Inc...

There's another media tempest churning up the sick chop of the Internetsea this week as it emerged that (is he "Sir"?) Rupert Murdoch, president and CEO of NewsCorp, which owns Fox properties, the NY Post, and the WSJ, the Fleet Street magnate, owner of all the significant media in Australia (much on trhe order of Berlusconi's empire in Italy), and recently coined "American citizen" owner of a vast, mostly scurrilous network of hatred and disinformation in the US, apparenly regards Barack Obama as a "racist" particularly from his conduct over and during Henry-Louis-Gates-gate.

The webosphere is on tenterhooks, some say, awaiting the reaction of the WhiteHouse, but so they've been studiously mum on it, thus generating whole bytes of speculation from the virtual pundit-o-sphere, and of course those poor creatures chained to the 24-hour news-cycle must use everything they can lay their hands on to fill those 44 min/hr. (Which is why this is the age of the apotheosis of the "Big Lie.")

Leaving aside the fact that the white man accusing the African-American man of "racism" was (at least once, before he switched over here--but he may have dual citizenship?) a powerful member of the dominant majority in a country wherin, until the beginning of WW II, some of the dominant majority organized hparties of sportsmen whi went hunting the animals in the indigenous population--the "abos"-- for sport...

No, really you cannot leave that aside, really. It really IS a bit much, frankly.

All part an parecel of the package.

Remember, when Murdoch endorsed Obama? Everyone wondered why. But it occurred to Y'r Ob'd't S'v't at the time, and seems still true to him today:

Barack Obama will turn out to be the best thing EVER for Murdoch, Inc.

Better, even, than titties on p.3! Really!

Y'naow, Rupe's jist troyin t'gin up a buck'er two, myt. Nuttin t'see heaah.

'E knows it's schtick, and Obamer knows it's schtick, 'n' all's fayha in luv 'n' war, innit, myt?

Ol' Rupe's got him a troupe of hucksters, and a load of reeking shit to sell, and an eager, stupid, fearful, wrothful audience craving to suck it up. wholesale. And 'is audience is growin', ain't it, myt?

It's a fuukin'circus. And while we're frothing over Beck's latest outrage or O'Reilly's most recent affront, or Hannity's errant ignorance as they repeat the Owner's talking points back and forth among the trained seals that are shills for the owners, the cut-purses are out in the crowd passing legislation and making policies, and starting wars under our very (entertained, distracted) eyes.

You can read Alternet's version of events here.

Heayuh, shove 'nother shrimp up yer barby?

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