Friday, July 14, 2006

How do we prevent religion from being a divisive force in America?

There was a big, long, boring interview with Barak Obama on NPR this morning.

It followed up on Obama's big, long, boring speech last week during which he castigated Democrats and the Left for not being 'tolerant' of the religious affiliations of the faithful.

The interviewer asked Obama how 'we' should go about assuring that religion does not become a 'divisive force', Obama replied with a turgid, inane repetition of the points he previously made.

But I've got a better idea.

If you want to be sure religion doesn't become a divisive force in American politics,


Thank you. I'll be here all week. Try the brisket. Tip the girls....


Eli said...

No better way to get yourself on television than to be a Democratic congresscritter trashing your own party. The media just eats that shit right up.

Anne Johnson said...

Ben Franklin is turning in his grave. I know it because I live near Philly, and you can hear him at night.

Soprano said...

Good idea.
Never happen.

echidne said...

I like turgid points. :)

pelican pete said...

I think the surest proof there is no god is that he/she/it has never given an interview. Religion, in whatever guise it appears, should be given the same treatment as homosexuality in the service.