Friday, July 07, 2006

The Terror, the Terror...Nyuk-nyuk-nyuk!!!

What would 'terror' look like if it were going to be done by the 3 Stooges?

Another alleged 'plot' to launch a terror attack on the Heartland was 'uncovered' recently, it was revealed today by New York papers. This one was alleged to involve bombing the Holland Tunnel into NYC, and flooding the financial district. Really! I shit thee not. There has been one 'arrest,' in Lebannon, allegedly based--get this; are you listening Kos-- on intercepted internet traffic.

I think Larry was the mastermind of this one.

Only a couple of weeks ago, we heard about another 'terror plot' to attack the Sears Tower in Chicago by the 'Miami Seven.' This one was masterminded by Larry.

This follows by some months the report that some 'Islamic' terror cell was going to attack the Brooklyn Bridge with acetylene torches. I see Moe towing the oxy/acety dolly across the bridge.

These are wildly celebrated developments--touted widely as 'VICTORIES' in the war against terror: hugely, loudly, and universally broadcast, apparently for the purpose of justifying the enormous costs of Homeland Security, and as justification for the Gibbering Chimp and his regime to pursue intra-national spying upon US citizens.

Now here's the thing:
A bunch of right-wing, flying monkey bloggers have attacked the NY Times and other papers for allegedly 'revealing' official USer/Bushevik tools for tracking international terrorist plots. A parallel discourse maintains that it would be folly for the USer intelligence agencies to reveal all their successes in blocking or stopping planned 'terror attacks'.

So, which is it? What purpose is served by trumpeting the discoveries of these alleged 'terror' charades, meanwhile attacking the press for reporting on the means purportedly/presumably employed to capture or thwart these putative 'attacks'?

Okay, so it's a rhetorical question. Sosiouxme...


charley said...

hey, sorry about your dog.

no, the next attack will come when we least expect it.

and certainly seems strange, a spate of breathlessly reported captures right as we roll up to the election. guess they realized murricans caught onto orange alerts.

cabearie said...

Nicely covered, my brother, and nicely said.

Eli said...

In a time of war, making the preznit look bad is treason.

(Hey, I wonder if we can hang him for making an ass of his own self...)