Friday, July 21, 2006

Telefon Terror

From the Gaggle, today (thanks to Holden's Obsession at of First Draft)

Q Has the President phoned the Israeli Prime Minister yet, or does he have any plans to?

(Alternate Pres. Spokesperson) MS. PERINO: The only update to the President's outreach in terms of foreign leader calls was to -- he called Angela Merkel this morning.

Overheard in Berlin this afternoon:

"Gnadige Frau Kanzellor, telefon..."

"Wer ist denn Das?"



"Gnadige Frau, Sie wissen genau Wem...Ihm..."

"Menschen's Kinder! Kann der Scheize-Hundt nicht auf-passen? Mein Gott! Wass ein Kwatch ist Er...Wer hat Ihm gesagt das Er mir so wie so Handeln konnte?... Sag Ihm Ich...Ich been bei Frisseur...Lech fet!!!"

"I'm sorry Mr President but the Chancellor told me to tell you she a hair appointment and said perhaps she might call you later..."

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