Friday, July 21, 2006


The Blogosphere and the SCUM* are all alive with speculation over the fate of Joe Lieberman, Connecticut's senior Senator, with 18 years' tenure in Office:
Will he survive the primary challenge of Nedd Lamont?
If he doesn't win the primary, will he support the Party's choice?
Or will he jump the Party and run as an Independent?
Who will endorse Lieberman, once the Party's 'choice' for Vice-President?

None of those first few questions can be answered before August 8, when Connecticut voters go to the polls.

But the last one can be, and has become a topic of considerable interest, since former-President Bill Clinton announced he would campaign for Lieberman in the primary. Clinton was not the first pol to come out for Joe-Mentum; already freshman Sen.s from CO and IL (Salazar and Obama) have allied themselves with the embattled Lieberman. Several other, far less likely Democratic Senators have pledged to support Lieberman, too, including CA's Boxer (though at last report, she hadn't appeared there yet in his cause).

This diverse array of supporters has the heads scratching all over cyber/bloggo/pundit-space.
The epitome of the issue is, as it often is, embodied in Clinton: Why would Clinton, of all people--who had to all appearances been stabbed in the back by the hypocritical Lieberman during and after the notoriously political impeachment process against him--offer to work for the re-election of his ostensible betrayer?

But I think the answer is plain and clear.

Clinton, the quintessential pol, sees the writing on the wall:

yeah, man!!!!! if them 'little people' (thou & I) learn they (we) can actually rise up and throw the shitwhistles out; if they (we) actually succeed in throwing out even ONE super-annuated, irrelevant, corrupt, fascist-friendly back-stabbin back-slapper...

why then, NO-fuckin-body's place at the trough is ever gonna be safe, ever again...the fucking HORROR!!!

*SCUM: So-Called Unbiased Media

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MasterD said...

Woody, I saw a bumper-sticker yesterday that says it all:

"Politicians and diapers need to be changed regularly, and for the same reasons."