Monday, July 17, 2006

Ritorno A Roma!!!!!

I want the apartment on the fourth floor, corner, of the building on the right, the one with the wrought-iron balcony railing, and the shrubbery, overlooking the piazza...I'd return to my 'faith' in a fuckin New York minute, if it got me that place: go to confession, repent my sins, take sacraments, go back to the first wife, the whole damn deal...

Who wouldn't?

I'd be entitled to it, wouldn't I? On the same logic by which a Russian peasant of Jewish ancestry is entitled to 'return' to Israel and to displace a Palestinian from their ancestral lands, farm, orchard?

Cuz when the Vatican is finished carving out a 'homeland' in Italy--particularly Roma--for the victims of the Roman Catholic diaspora, the Pope's gonna issue an edict inviting all of us Catholics to return to Rome, our ancestral home. He'll even pay the freight.

Who's with me? Veniento a Roma!


ErinPDX said...

I'm with you kono!

gandhi said...

Me, I am for a nice piece of pasture in Ireland... I think I might take that old house on the cliffs which my ex-girlfriend recently bought with her new husband... I am sure they will understand.

On the other hand, my mother's mother's mother was Spanish, so I will also be needing a little getaway for the winter months... Islas Canarias, como no?