Sunday, July 09, 2006

Why Don't the Democrats Make An Issue Voting Fraud???

Why haven't the Dems taken up the voting fraud & corruption scandal?

The public, criticcal, political literature, from The Nation, to Harper's, the The New Yorker, as well as the blogs, are replete with reports by Greg Palast, Bobby Kennedy, Brad Friedman, and a host of others, as well as academic reports and statistical analyses which indicate pretty conclusively that not only was the 2000 presidential election stolen by vote tampering, and rampant disenfranchisement; and not only were key senatorial races in 2002 fraught with corruption and fraud; but also the presidential election of 2004, as well as certain other races of national political importance were literally stolen by electronic vote shifting, as well as other, more traditional--but no less odious--means, though on a scale hitherto unimagineable in the politics of even the most corrupt 'developing' and 'third' world/banana 'republics.

So why won't the Dems lift the gauntlet? The evidence--as is the evidence for destructive global climate change being a human responsibility, as Al Gore has shown--is both conclusive and convincing. The answer is, of course, because they're--and everybody else--are simply fucking terrified of it. It opens doors NOBODY in official Government circles either wants open, or is willing to enter. GOP/DEM, it's all the same: if the dems charge fraud, and prevail, there will never be another election WITHOUT such charges being leveled...everybody knows that...

Casting the results of the last three USer elections results in what Jurgen Jabermas calls a 'legitimacy crisis.' The oligarchs and aristo/technocrats in both soi-disant 'Parties' have a hard enough problem keeping their Joe Sixpack constituencies convinced of their right to govern. They--as a class, a trans-generational discursive community--have invested almost 100 years, hundreds of billions of dollars, thousands of lives, and uncountable, contemptible and horrible deeds in establishing and maintaining the charade of their superiority and their 'natural' right to rule. Nothing--NOTHING--scares ANY of 'em more than the threat of the withdrawal of that legitimacy. Legitimacy is what keeps the wheels turning, keeps the money spigot spewing tax dollars and other perquisites flowing.

And besides, what do you--what do we-- do if the charges are proved correct and stand up to real public scrutiny?

Gather in the streets with burning brands and tar and feathers?

Who's gonna step up and demand the busheviks resign, en masse, as would be the only just thing--since they were criminally collusional in the original theft?

Who's gonna enforce the removal of Roberts and Scalito--as the docrine of 'fruit of the poison tree' would seem to require?

And, finally, who's gonna disarm the rabid, frothing, venom-spewing, flying-monkey wingnuts who, NOT having the 'good life' to lose, will swarm out of their trailer parks armed to the teeth, drunk as rabid skunks, meth-crazed, and just begging for a fight, after 'their Preznit!' was brought down by the godless heathens on the left?

Does anyone really think that a Regime which could not bring itself to shoot down a jet liner in the light of day would call out the military to protect those who are trying to topple it?

I guess it's another rhetorical question...sosiouxme!


Eli said...

What I don't get is, I think they can advance election reform *without* directly making accusations of fraud (probably accurate, but would be spun as inflammatory and bad sportsmanship). All they need to say is that America is supposed to be the world's model democracy, and it's a scandal that our elections are not free and fair, that voting rights are not protected, and that even years after 2000 and 2002 and 2004, there are still questions and conspiracy theories that damage our elected leaders' legitimacy. We need to remove all of those questionable grey areas where abuse or accusations of abuse can occur.

If the elections have all been completely aboveboard, the Republicans as the party in power should have the largest stake in making sure they are above reproach. Yet they do not. Democrats need to put them on the spot and explain why they oppose free and fair elections, and democracy itself.

Or they could, y'know, sit on their hands or work quietly behind the scenes to try to reach some kind of toothless bipartisan agreement...

Anonymous said...

I think they have been waiting for a reason to do just that.

sightunseen said...

France. When the French govt tried to mess with their version of Social Security, the people rebelled, stopped traffic, generally went on a damn righteous rampage.

Mexico. The 100k people who swarmed the capital after the recent stolen election.

USA. Barely a whimper. Atomized beyond apathy.

And yet, the cold-blooded red and blue patriots thumb their nose at the French and Mexican people,,, justified only by the redneck pride in their happenstanceplace of birth.

We might instead look up to these countries and learn, as a people, how its done.

kelley b. said...

The criminals running the system are prepared for violence.

In fact, it would give them an excuse to enforce the draconian laws that have been enacted but have not been completely carried out here at home.

We've got the inertia of tradition to thank for that. But not, perhaps, for much longer. Traditions that no longer live in the hearts of the people are eventually forgotten.