Friday, January 05, 2007

The Ballad of Spocko: The Next Verse

Through the energetic efforts of El Gato Negro, who has organized a widespread adoption of the Spocko story, apparently some more of the top-tier Bay-area media have taken an interest in the Spocko-vs-Disney/KSFO imbroglio. Click the link in the title box for the whole piece.

The key info is this:
My lawyer from EFF who is advising me said I should bring the site up at a new place and I have it in process, 23 hours till it is up again hopefully next news cycle.

So Spocko's Brain will once more adorn the blogosphere, confronting and confounding the murderous, bloody-minded infoNazis at Disney.


(A Note: Honesty compels me to proclaim that "Spocko" is a friend of mine and of this blog; ergo my endorsement of his cause might not be entirely based on an impartial assessment of the facts of the case. Fuck Disney!)


blogicalthought said...

You guys are hilarious.

Lets recap here...

There's a person who posts day in and day out for well over a year about a particular talk show host. He has a fictitious screen name and refers to himself as a Vulcan. He seems totally obsessed with the talk show host and records the sound bytes of the talk show host. Yesterday, he posted a letter in which he claims he threatened to sue someone for defaming his screen name (excuse me, I can't stop laughing over that!)

Nonetheless, he takes the unlawfully recorded sound bytes and puts them on his website. He receives a letter from his ISP telling him to remove the protected property or he will lose his website. Instead of removing the soundbytes, which he obviously feels some incredible desire to keep close to his website, he chooses to let his blog go. Then, he writes everyone and tells them that someone other than his ISP removed him from his website and begs them for help. He makes outlandish claims that someone from the company has threatened him, though he has been posting anonymously (a sense of paranoia there?) and creates an incredible drama, that individuals who claim to be reputable bloggers leap into....its all too hilarious and is ripe for a sitcom.

Make the key character a "Homer Simpson" type of guy, sitting at his computer in his Homer Simpson undies and his "wife beater" t-shirt, drooling at his computer while he sucks down a beer--talk radio echoing in the background. Toss a few posters of the talk show host on the walls.

I mean, what can you say about a guy who would rather give up his website than remove a few sound bytes while trying to resolve the situation?

I think you've all been stuck in your virtual reality way, way, way too long...and you write on Democrat blogs, huh?

Just tooooooo funny!

Woody Guthrie's Guitar (aka Konopelli) said...

what can you say about a guy who would rather give up his website than remove a few sound bytes while trying to resolve the situation?

that he has principles...
that he has courage to confront intimidation...

principles, courage: i know you've heard of 'em, i'm sure, in the abstract, at any rate. you seem to possess a large enough vocabulary that the words--and the concepts to which they refer--would have some meaning to you...

but mebbe i'm just projecting?