Monday, January 08, 2007

Spocko's Brain LIVES!!!

After being forced by threatened litigation to take down his blog, Spocko's Brain, Spocko has re-emerged as forcefully and as amusingly as ever to continue to stick a stinky, shit-encrusted finger in the eye of the fascist pigs ranting into the Bay Area ether from (Di$ney-owned) radio station K$FO.

In particular, he is trying to get Melanie Morgan, Larry Sussman, and a couple of their shit-eating minions kicked to the kerb by the stations' advertisers, to whom Spocko has sent e-mails and audio-files illustrating the usual, unexceptional quality of their odious, vile, racist, intolerant crap-trap.

If the reader would like to hear for her or himself the sorts of attacks, threats, and abuses launched daily by these paragons of the Flying-Monkey Rightiness into the People's airways, scroll down on this page a couple of stories and find links to those files.

Me? I shall only say, "Welcome Back, Spocko!"

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