Sunday, January 28, 2007

Cheney's Bushevik Bravado: When Does "Lying" No Longer Describe Untruth?

Atrios (how does one do that trackback trick? i never figgered it out) put up a link today to a ThinkProgress notice remarking on Cheney's public performance in the aftermath of the SOTU--in response to which the Chimperor has experienced exactly zero to -2% bounce. Cheney calmly claims there has been an upwelling (dare one call it a 'surge'?) of support for Bushevik policies announced in that altogether, and surpassigly lackluster tirade the DimSon delivered this week. And of course, polls conducted since then apparently describe a universe in which that assessment may best be regrded as 'delusional.' Atrios' own laconic language accompanying the post conveyed (to me) that for some reason hemight have expected better of the propagandist-in-chief.

But, I mean, really...what does anybody expect him to say?

One cannot, I think, literally lie about an interpretation of other interpretations of events at least once more removed. one may be vastly, colossally, even willfully mistaken; but in that case the 'lie' is only to oneself? The fabrication is evident to any even quasi-objective observer, who patronizes the deluded one and agrees not to make an issue of the delusion...

This isn't really 'lying,' is it? Hasn't this left 'lying' lying bleeding in the Waco dust?

The Busheviks are at the point at which mere 'lying' has metastasized into sheer bravado.

All of which might be quite benign, if they didn't STILL hold the power to unleash even further bloody military adventures and untold further destructive, domestic political mischief...

There soon will need to be a million Citizens marching in Washington, and thronging 'round the WhiteHouse, waving pitchforks and burning brands, shouting fierce invective, stern imprecations and hurtful obloquy, thereby driving this latter-day generation of fascists into the wilds of Paraguay...

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