Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Feds Want Your ISP To Keep Records Of The Internet Sites You Visit

Under the guise, camoflage, and rubric of 'pursuing child pornographers,' the Bushevik Justice Department has been negotiating for more than a year with the nation's Internet Service Providers, large and small, to set up a scheme by which it would be possible to track every internet site visited by an ISP's customers. The story is linked beneath the title of this post.

If kiddy porn is the price that must be paid to protect the privacy and the freedom of internet users, I say fuck the kids.

Which brings to mind a favorite snarky joke:
A certain Catholic school in the N'Awlins area rented a riverboat to take the kids on an outing down the river to the Chalmette battlefield. The field trip went splendidly, until the return voyage, when the riverboat was swamped in the wake of a huge tanker which didn't see the smaller boat. Aboard the little ship there was pandemonium, as the teachers, and other adults tried to calm the kids, while the crew struggled to save the boat. But the damage had been done, and the skipper of the riverboat gave the order to abandon ship. Aghast, the parish priest accosted the captain: "We cannot abandon the children,' the priest protested.
"Save yourself" the skipper replied. "Fuck the children!"
"Oh," said the priest. "Do you think there's time?"

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Cleveland Bob said...

Hey Woody,

Good one.

And in light of your ISP snooping update, I wanted to let you know that you've inspired me to do some blogging myself. My brother and I will be co-hosting here:

Feel free in drop by and may I have your permission to blogroll your site?