Monday, January 08, 2007

Sergeant Shovels Self-Serving Sentiments

This is the scope and scale of the rationalizations that keep the fucking clusterfuck in Iraq on track:

It is also now undeniable, irrevocable, that you will see your mission through. You will strive every day, you will live, though you are not ever again sure why. Ideals… are so… far, far away from the burnt stink of charred metal. I, we, must see it through to the end. They have seen every instant, every mission, every chore, every day through, not to its end but to theirs. How can you ever deny, degrade, desecrate their sacrifice and loss with anything less than all you have? Their lives are lost, whether as a gift, laid down at the feet of their friends, or a pointless discard of precious life… I doubt I'll ever know.

Read the whole thing and weep for this whole, poor, blood-ridden, cancerous, fucking country. It's a sad story. The troops fight only for each other, not for any larger idea, or cause or purpose. they fight because their buddies have been killed.

And the Sarge is never gonna get over the idea that to withdraw is to discredit his sacrifice and that of his buddies. And he's never gonna blame the Busheviks for their lies and deceptions that got his pals killed and himself scarred beyond repairing.

The invasion, conquest, occupation, rape & pillage of Iraq and the rest of the energy empire is NEVER going to end. The Busheviks will not withdraw, because to do so would be to have admitted defeat. The Dems cannot impede the funding of the continuing operations without being accused, immediately and profusely, and fatally (from the electoral point of view) of abandonning or otherwise harming the troops. The cannot do it, ever, as long as there are soldiers in harm's way. And neither the militarists nor the corporatists can stand the affront of failure that a withdrawal would portend.

It doesn't matter jack shit what the people want. The Oligarchy/Aristocracy/Corporatocracy NEEDS AND WANTS THIS. And they shall have it.

It's NOT going to 'end','s just not...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, WGG. You say it better than anyone else does, and I always appreciate your writings hear and at Eschaton.

SSoP, nuncamas21