Monday, January 15, 2007

Spocko Got Some Lead In The NYTimes?

His latest blog entyry begins:
Greetings New York Times Business Section readers, and welcome!
You are joining “in medias res” First, Noam Cohen did a good job of summarizing the story so far. There are a LOT of issues in this story that you might care about. You might wonder, what does this mean to me? How does this impact MY business? What should I do? Well first things first. Get educated.

There then follows a page of so, with decent links, of good information from a fella in the bull's-eye of power.

The whole saga of Spocko's Brain, too long and complex to distill here in a few words, is a cautionary tale, but one that holds out some promise for bloggers willing to dig in and take on the dirt-bag CorpoRats.

Roll on, Spocko, roll on...

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