Monday, January 08, 2007

The Chimperor Gonna Send A "Surge" Into Iraq

Busheviks are primed to intensify the conflict in Iraq.

This, despite the fact that more than 75% of citizens polled on the matter oppose this 'escalation' proposal. A similar number reports opposing the Chimp's handling of the conflict.

But here's the truth of the matter:
It does and would not matter to the Busheviks if 95% of citizens oppose the escalation of the conflict in Iraq--or if that number oppose the prospect of an invasion of or an attack upon Iran--if the 5% who support it are the same 5% who own or control 75% of the wealth.

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JollyRoger said...

El Shrubbo only hears Jesus, who is sitting on his shoulder and whispering in his ear.

Chimpletons know this, so the words of El Shrubbo (naturally) are the words of Jesus. And you can't argue with THAT, can you?