Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Al's NOT Gonna Run

While it's not the centerpiece of the article, it is always firmly in the minds of all his interlocutors. I believe he's out: He's told too many people, too often, and too passionately, that he's got a NEW master, and it's not USer partisan politics, it's the Global Climate Crisis.

Via TruthOut.Org: Rolling Stone's lengthy article/interview is a MUST READ:
Gore understands that confronting the climate crisis will require not just new kinds of technology but a new kind of politics. In a sense, he is following a path blazed by filmmaker Michael Moore, using his own presence and political outrage to focus public attention on a broader cause. In the two years since he wrote "The Time to Act Is Now," the introduction to the special issue on global warming we published in 2005, Gore has not only shifted the national debate on planet-warming pollution, he has found his true voice - at once reasoned and impassioned, urgent and optimistic. At the end of May, he sat down with ROLLING STONE in his office in Washington, D.C., to discuss the threat posed by catastrophic climate change - and why he believes it's not too late to stop it.
"The civil rights movement took off in the United States only when it was lifted out of the political framework and placed in a spiritual framework. Young people asked their parents, "You tell me to choose right over wrong, so explain to me why this guy Bull Connor is acceptable." When the adults couldn't answer, that's when the laws changed. Young people are now asking their parents and grandparents, "Please explain to me why what's going on with global warming isn't insane." A lot of adults can't answer. The revolution is beginning..."
Also, I believe, if he should WIN the Nobel prize, it would in a strange way militate against his being regarded as sufficiently "Murkin" to be considered a viable candidate by John & Mary Sixpack, Mrs. Soccermom, or the NASCAR Bubba Brigade, all of whom are fiercely proud of their ignorance, obduracy, and "all-Murkin" anti-intellectualism...


Anonymous said...

Yayup--Murkins don't want no president what got that furrin' Nobel prize!

I always wonder why people even bother to dream that Gore might run. Why on earth would that poor man get into a nest of snakes like that again?


Anonymous said...

I always wonder why people even bother to dream that Gore might run.

Cos the front-runner dem candidates suck major ass? Cos none of them are as capable as Gore is of uniting moderates & progressives?

Tena said...

I said this a couple weeks ago over at the crack den - I don't really want Al Gore to run. I don't want anyone who was in any way involved in any of this last 7 years to run, which is my main objection to Hillary Clinton. And please let us not start a Hillary war.

I want Howard Dean to run again. I think he could fix a hell of a lot that is wrong. Damn it!

Mr. Pelican said...

I think Tena missed the point. Gore hasn't been involved in any of the preceeding 7 years. Matter -o-
fact, no one has been involved in the past 7 years, 'ceptin Shrub, his ass lickers, his handlers, and the pasty-faced, yogurt gut, criminal neo-cons. (Oh, let's not forget the supreme court) Everybody else has been locked out by these law-breaking rapists, petrefied of saying anything for fear of being smeared, blackballed, or accused of unamerican activities. THese pukes are the scion of Tail gunner Joe.